2005 in photos

j2r pont
j2r pique
j2r gonflable
CIIE stand at Jardin des Deux Rives -1 May 2005
CIIE stand at Jardin des Deux Rives - 8 May 2005
CIIE's Bouncy castle at Jardin des Deux Rives - 8 May 2005
j2r stand
j2r velo
CIIE stand at Jardin des Deux Rives - 15 May 2005
European picnic at Jardin des Deux Rives - 22 May 2005
CIIE stand at Parc de l'Orangerie - 1 May 2005
maquillage j2r
orangerie contes
parlement jpo
Face-painting at Jardin des Deux Rives - 1 May 2005
European storytelling at Parc de l'Orangerie - 15 May 2005
CIIE stand at the Parliament Open Days - 8 May 2005
vaisseau expo
CIIE exhibition on the 25 countries of the EU at Vaisseau - May 2005
Reception for the winners of the AMOPA competition at - 9 May 2005
CIIE press conference on the European Constitution - April 2005
stamm buffet
stamm costa
Eurovoyageur activities at CIIE - June 2005
Reception for Club Europe members at CIIE - July 2005
Club Europe "Stammtisch" with M. Costa at the European Court of Human Rights - February 2005

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    • 21 february 2017

      International Mother Language Day

    • International Mother Language Day was proclaimed by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in November 1999.

    • 28 february 2017

      Rare Disease Day

    • The Rare Disease Day 2017 theme is research. Rare disease research is crucial to providing patients with the answers and solutions they need, whether it is a treatment, cure or improved care.

    • 4 march 2017

      World Day against sexual exploitation

    • In 2009 held the first World Day against sexual exploitation, created on the initiative of the NGO named GIPF (Groupe International de Paroles de Femmes), which means Group International of therapy of women.