2005 in photos

j2r pont
j2r pique
j2r gonflable
CIIE stand at Jardin des Deux Rives -1 May 2005
CIIE stand at Jardin des Deux Rives - 8 May 2005
CIIE's Bouncy castle at Jardin des Deux Rives - 8 May 2005
j2r stand
j2r velo
CIIE stand at Jardin des Deux Rives - 15 May 2005
European picnic at Jardin des Deux Rives - 22 May 2005
CIIE stand at Parc de l'Orangerie - 1 May 2005
maquillage j2r
orangerie contes
parlement jpo
Face-painting at Jardin des Deux Rives - 1 May 2005
European storytelling at Parc de l'Orangerie - 15 May 2005
CIIE stand at the Parliament Open Days - 8 May 2005
vaisseau expo
CIIE exhibition on the 25 countries of the EU at Vaisseau - May 2005
Reception for the winners of the AMOPA competition at - 9 May 2005
CIIE press conference on the European Constitution - April 2005
stamm buffet
stamm costa
Eurovoyageur activities at CIIE - June 2005
Reception for Club Europe members at CIIE - July 2005
Club Europe "Stammtisch" with M. Costa at the European Court of Human Rights - February 2005

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European diary

    • 1 may 2017

      International Workers' Day

    • The date was chosen to commemorate the strike in the McCormick factories in Chicago on May 4, 1886 for the legal establishment of the 8 working hours day.
    • 3 may 2017

      Polish National Day

    • The Polish National Day takes place on May 3 in honor of the first Constitution of this country which was adopted on 3 May 1791. The Polish constitution was written by the bourgeois and nobles of the four years diet under the rule of the last king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Stanislas II.

      This constitution was the first constitution voted in Europe. It covered many essential points to reform the institutions and organize the life of the Polish people:

      - it recognized rights to farmers

      - it keeps the hereditary monarchy and its executive power

      - it declared the political rights of representatives

      - it limited the size of the standing army

      - it imposed land management.

      Since then, the 3rd May has become a yearly holiday celebrating the adoption of the Polish constitution.

    • 18 may 2017

      European Maritime Day

    • This day was celebrated for the first time on May 20th, 2008. Every year, this day gives place to activities of raising awareness(sensitization).