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The acquis communautaire is a common set of rights and obligations, which covers the whole of the EU Community law including: treaties, EU legislation, the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of European Communities, statements and other resolutions. It is in constant evolution and binds the member states within the European Union. As one of the Copenhagen criteria, candidate countries must accept the acquis before joining the European Union and implement it in national law. "Accepting the acquis" means accepting the EU as it exists today.

ARTE is an European cultural channel based in Strasbourg since 1990 as a European Economic Interest Grouping - EEIG. It aims to promote and broadcast on a cultural and and international level to promote the understanding and reconciliation of all peoples in Europe, including the EU and all European institutions in Strasbourg.


The AER was established in 1985, and is the largest independent network of regions in Europe. With 250 regions from 35 different countries, the AER is a forum for interregional cooperation that aims to enhance and support the regions’ political influence in Europe and to defend the principle of regional democracy. Its General Secretary is based in Strasbourg. This forum should not be confused with the Committee of Regions, a consultative body of the EU.