The scavenger hunt "Discovering Europe" in the European quarter of Strasbourg


Europe à la trace

"Discovering Europe" is a scavenger hunt through the European quarter in Strasbourg proposed by the CIIE with the Lieu d'Europe as a starting point. Armed with a small booklet, a questionnaire and a map of the European quarter, the participants (divided into groups) discover in an autonomous* manner "Europe in Strasbourg". In front of each institution, a riddle has to be solved or a question must be answered in order to find out a mystery word.

This walking tour (that takes about one and a half hours) allows to discover the buildings (from the outside) and the surroundings of the European quarter and to deepen one's knowledge about the European institutions. The accompanying booklet provides answers to all the questions of the different questionnaires of the scavenger hunt and thus permits self-correction all along the way.

The scavenger hunt is also a perfect opportunity to visit the permanent exhibition of the Lieu d'Europe. This exhibition tells a story, or rather several stories: the story of Europe of course but also the story of Strasbourg, closely linked to the past and the present of Europe.

*Please note that the scavenger hunt and the visit of the exhibition of the Lieu d'Europe are self-guided tours (if necessary, the groups thus have to foresee one or several accompanying persons).

  • Target group: Ages 13 and up

  • Location: European quarter in Strasbourg

  • Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

  • Languages: English, French, French-English (bilingual questionnaire)

  • Required equipment: Pen, pencil...

  • Cost: Free of charge

For further information, please contact the CIIE: Tel +33 (0)3 88 15 70 80
Europe à la trace