It happened on 16 february

The European Parliament adopted the first reading of the Services Directive

On February 16, 2006, the first reading report on the Services Directive was read by Evelyne Gebhardt (reporter for the Committee on an International Market) and adopted by MEPs by a large majority (394 votes for, 215 against, 33 abstentions). This Directive aims to create a true internal market for services by 2010.

The committees have proposed more than a thousand amendments to the original project. The proposed amendments altered some controversial points in the original proposal, for example the “principle of country of origin” was deleted and replaced by the “rule of freedom to provide services.” This provides that Member State respect the rights of providers to provide their services in their territory under the Treaty of Rome of 1957, facilitating their access to their markets. The MEPs have also specified that the Directive did not affect the provisions concerning the conditions of employment (labour law, collective agreements…)

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