It happened on 18 november

The European members of Parliament vote for the nomination of the Barroso Commission

José Manuel BarrosoAt the European Parliament on November 18th, 2004, the investiture vote by the deputees of the European Commission appointed for 2004-2009 took place.

This new Commission, presided over by José Manuel Barroso, was formed with some difficulty. Following the refusal of the European Parliament to grant its cntonfidence to the first Barroso Commission (notably because of the homophobic and sexist comments held by the Italian commissioner, Rocco Buttiglione, in front of the parliamentary committee of civil liberties, justice and internal affairs), Barroso had effectively to establish a new team.

After the hearing of the appointed commissioners, the European Parliament finally approved the new team of the commissioners during the plenary session on November 18th, 2004 with 449 votes in favour, 149 against and 82 abstentions.

The new commission, formed of 25 members (for the first time, one per state), took office on November 22, 2004. According to the treaties, the members of the Commission are not representatives of their countries of origin: "they exercise their functions in complete independence and in the general interests of the community."

See the European parliament's resolution of 18 November 2004.

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