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The consultative assembly of the Council of Europe decides to take for emblem the flag of azure on a bottom of fifteen golden stars disposed in a circle

À l'occasion de la célébration du 50ème anniversaire du drapeau européen, un drapeau géant – le plus grand du monde – est déployé sur la pelouse devant le Palais de l'Europe à Strasbourg le 16 novembre 2005.Since its creation in 1949, the Council of Europe was in search of a flag for all Europe. After numerous propositions and reflections on such a symbol, the consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe, at that time under the presidency of François de Menthon, pronounced in the resolution 41 ( 1 ) in favour of the adoption of the blue flag with 15 golden stars arranged in circle, representing the number of members of the organisation.The Consultative Assembly also recommended to the Committee of the Ministers " to adopt the same emblem as the symbol of the Council of Europe in general ".

However, the final flag of the Council of Europe had only 12 stars because the number of stars was finally separated from the number of member countries of the organization. The figure twelve finally chosen for the flag is a symbolic figure in various traditions, representing completeness and also corresponding to the number of months in the year and hours on the face of a watch. As for the circle, it is among other things, a symbol of unity.
The flag of twelve stars was also adopted by all the heads of state or of government of the European Community in 1985.

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