"MERRY CHRISTMAS" in the 23 languages of the European Union

FranceJoyeux Noël
LettoniePriecigus Ziemassvetkus

AllemagneFröhliche Weihnachten
LituanieLinksmu Kaledu
Royaume-UniMerry Christmas
MalteIl-Milied It-Tajjeb
BulgarieChestita Koleda
Pays-BasVrolijk Kerstfeest
DanemarkGlædelig JulPologneWesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia
EspagneFeliz NavidadPortugalFeliz Natal
EstonieRoomsaid Joulu PuhiRoumanieCraciun Fericit
FinlandeIloista JouluaSlovaquieVeselé Vianoce
GrèceKala ChristouyennaSlovénieVesel Bozic
HongrieKellemes Karácsonyi ÜnnepeketSuèdeGod Jul
drapeau IrlandeNollaig Shona DuitRépublique TchèqueVeselé Vánoce
ItalieBuon Natale


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European diary

    • 18 december 2017

      International Migrants Day

    • The International Migrants Day aims to clear up the prejudices against migrants and to raise awareness of the migrants' contribution to the economic, cultural, and social sectors of the society, given the knowledge of both the country of origin and country of residence.
    • 20 december 2017

      International Human Solidarity Day

    • This year, the International Human Solidarity Day will take place after the Millenium Development Objectives have been succeded by the Sustainable Development Goals, a new development programme aiming to end with poverty, to protect the environment and to fight for human dignity.
    • 1 january 2018

      Slovakia National Day

    • Even if the date of August 29th is more famous, (anniversary of the national uprising to fight against the occupation of the country by the Nazis which burst into 1944), Slovakia National Day is January 1st. On this day, the country commemorates its independence.
      The fate of Slovakia was often connected to that of the Czech Republic. During several decades, both countries were part of the same State: the Czechoslovakia. This state was a member of the Communist Bloc before the "velvet revolution", in 1989.
      In September, 1992, the National Council of the Slovak Republic approved its Constitution and on January 1st, 1993 a new State was born.