Summer-show "Highlights at the Cathedral's square"

sunday 12 july 2009

In the dark night, the pink stoneware and the elegant sculptures of “Notre-Dame” adorn themselves with one thousand and one colors and celebrate the European construction and the 60th birthday of the Council of Europe.

Schedule : From July, the 11th until August, the 23rd 2009
From 10.30 pm till 00.30 in July (sequences of 12-13 min.)
From 10.10 pm till 00.30 in August

Place : Strasbourg, Place de la Cathédrale


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European diary

    • 26 may 2015

      Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels

    • At meetings which are dedicated to foreign affairs, the council concern oneself with all foreign policy actions of the European Union.

    • 26 may 2015

      General Affairs Council in Brussels

    • At these meetings the council does not only focus on political topics, but also on topics as the expansion of the EU or the fiscal planning.

    • 2 june 2015

      Italy's National Holiday

    • During the aftermath of World War II, Italy became a Republic on 2 June, 1946, following the referendum that ended the Italian monarchy. This event on 2 June is celebrated each year as Republic Day.