Summer-show "Highlights at the Cathedral's square"

sunday 12 july 2009

In the dark night, the pink stoneware and the elegant sculptures of “Notre-Dame” adorn themselves with one thousand and one colors and celebrate the European construction and the 60th birthday of the Council of Europe.

Schedule : From July, the 11th until August, the 23rd 2009
From 10.30 pm till 00.30 in July (sequences of 12-13 min.)
From 10.10 pm till 00.30 in August

Place : Strasbourg, Place de la Cathédrale


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European diary

    • From 7 september 2015 to 10 september 2015

      Plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg

    • The plenary session of the European Parliament is when the Parliament formally convenes to vote for European Union legislation and to adopt its position concerning political questions. The plenary sessions occur 12 times per year in Strasbourg, and there are 6 "mini-sessions" in Brussells.
    • From 16 september 2015 to 22 september 2015

      European Mobility Week

    • The European Mobility Week occurs each year from the 16th to the 22nd of September. The objective is to generate changes in behavior in order to reduce the number of automobile accidents and to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
    • From 20 september 2015 to 11 october 2015

      Parliamentary Election in Portugal

    • From the 20th September until the 11th October Portugal’s population votes a new parliament. In total they vote 230 Members of Parliament.