Plenary session of the European Parliament - 23-26 november in Strasbourg

monday 16 november 2009

The plenary session of the European Parliament is where the Parliament formally sits to vote on EU legislation and adopt its position on political issues. The plenary sessions take place 12 times a year in Strasbourg and there are also 6 mini-plenary sessions held in Brussels.

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European diary

    • 12 october 2015

      Spain's National Holiday

    • Spain celebrates Hispanic Day, its national holiday, on October 12th.
      This day celebrates those people who speak Spanish (spoken in more than 20 countries and territories). It also commemorates the discovery of the "New World" (Discovery of America) by Christopher Columbus in 1492.
    • 25 october 2015

      European Day for Civil Justice

    • "The European Day of Justice is celebrated each year around the 25 October. It aims to bring justice closer to citizens, to inform them on their rights and to to promote the work of the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of civil justice, through simulation of procedures and information sessions." - Council of Europe
    • From 26 october 2015 to 29 october 2015

      Plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg

    • The plenary session of the European Parliament is when the Parliament formally convenes to vote for European Union legislation and to adopt its position concerning political questions. The plenary sessions occur 12 times per year in Strasbourg, and there are 6 "mini-sessions" in Brussells.