Plenary session of the European Parliament - 23-26 november in Strasbourg

monday 16 november 2009

The plenary session of the European Parliament is where the Parliament formally sits to vote on EU legislation and adopt its position on political issues. The plenary sessions take place 12 times a year in Strasbourg and there are also 6 mini-plenary sessions held in Brussels.

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European diary

    • 1 december 2015

      Romania's National Holiday

    • Greater Romania emerged on December 1st, 1918 with the union of various regions. Due to the decline of Russia and Turkey from the effects of the World War I and from the dissension in the Austria-Hungarian Empire, Greater Romania was created from combining the regions of Transylvania, Bessarabie and Bucovine.
      Since the realization of Greater Romania, the 1st of December is a day of commemoration and the Romanian National Holiday.
    • 6 december 2015

      Finland's National Holiday

    • On 6 December 1917, Finland adopted its Declaration of Independence.
      It had been part of the Kingdom of Sweden between the 12th and 19th centuries before becoming an autonomous Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire in 1809.
      Finland adopted a new constitution in July 1919 and became a Republic with a president as its head of state, but Russia did not recognize Finland's independence until 1920.

    • 10 december 2015

      International Day of Human Rights

    • The Council of Europe supports this solemn day, which aims to promote the protection of human rights around the world.