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European diary

    • From 27 april 2015 to 30 april 2015

      Plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg

    • The plenary session of the European Parliament is when the Parliament formally convenes to vote for European Union legislation and to adopt its position concerning political questions. The plenary sessions occur 12 times per year in Strasbourg, and there are 6 "mini-sessions" in Brussells.
    • 30 april 2015

      the Netherlands National Holiday

    • The 30th of April is celebrated as Queen's birthday, Ire Beatrix, who has reigned over the Netherlands since 1980; this date, however, does not match up with her actual birthday. The Queen was actually born on 31 January, 1938, but that was during the heart of winter and was therefore too cold for outdoor celebrations. The national holiday of the Netherlands has remained the 30th of April, the previous Queen's birthday, Queen Juliana, who died in 2004.
    • From 1 may 2015 to 31 october 2015

      EXPO 2015 in Milan

    • From the 1st May until the 31st October the EXPO 2015 takes place at the new exhibition centre in Milan. L’EXPO is an exhibition of the “Bureau International des Expositions” (BIE) which established itself as a technical and handcrafting exhibition.