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We also create and publish our own leaflets.

Our publications intend to complete the official documentation of the European institutions available in our documentation centre and to satisfy the daily and specific demands of our public. You can either download these publications or pick them up freely in our facilities.

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Mission Europe (2012)

mission europe

Discover Strasbourg, the capital of Europe, human rights and democracy with the brochure "Mission Europe". Published by the CIIE, with support of the city of Strasbourg, during the World Forum of democracy event that took place in Strasbourg (October 5 till 11), the goal of this brochure is to raise awareness concerning Europe to pupils of elementary schools.

Download the brochure "Mission Europe" (availaible only in French) - PDF (2.14 Mo)

European recipes: each country has its culinary speciality (2012)

recettes européennes

European recipes: Each country has its culinary speciality!

The cuisine is a fundamental part of a country's cultural heritage. It gives information about the influences of different peoples that have shaped the history and identity of various nations for centuries.

The European Union is comprised of 28 member states (27 in 2012) and just as many different culinary traditions that offer us innumerable possibilities for gastronomical discoveries. This booklet presents a traditional recipe or delicacy of every member state as well as general information on the specific culinary traditions of each country.

Download the brochure "European recipes" (only in French) - PDF (12.03 Mo)

Europe in the daily life: on the tracks of the European Union's concrete achievements (2007)


Brochure created under the framework of "Nous l'Europe", organized by the AMOPA and managed by the CIIE. Brochure on the theme of Europe in the daily life. The brochure provides real-life examples and concrete achievements of the European Union that affect the everyday lives of Europeans.

Download the brochure (available only in French) - PDF (5.01 Mo)

Download the central poster (available only in French) - PDF (4.65 Mo)

Consult the electronic version (available only in French) of this brochure that is regularly updated on our website
Le Parlement en action

When the Tour de France started in Strasbourg in 2006, the CIIE created this brochure (as well as an exhibition) with financial support from the European Parliament. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to (re-)discover the European Union and to see its importance in the daily lives of over 500 million Europeans. The protection of the environment, the health of the citizens, the support of research and of educational programmes, the harmonization of diplomas, means to strengthen road safety and consumer protection: the activities of the European Union to build up a Europe that is at the same time stronger and more human as well as more comfortable to live in, are numerous and essential.

Download the brochure (available only in French)
The Eurorépertoire takes an inventory of the institutions and organizations (European and international) in the Upper Rhine region. It sheds light on the density of activities and expertise of these organisms, and it identifies the publications and actors of the construction and development of the European idea. The reader is going to find a detailed presentation of the institutions and organizations (European and international), the institutions of the Great Europe and of the international’s organisms, public or private that deal with European issues in Alsace and the Upper Rhine region.

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