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Who to contact in the press service as well as a list of the committee and the plenary press officers.

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Audiovisual service

Access to the audiovisual facilities of the European Parliament: chamber control room, TV studio,...

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Photo Service

Photo library of the European Parliament (prints of photo-reports, dispatch of photographs by e-mail...) and contacts

Contact a Member of the European Parliament

Introduction to the MEPs with contact details.

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Press contacts of the other EU institutions

Access to the press services of the other institutions : European Commission, Court of Justice...

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European diary

    • 27 march 2017

      World theatre day

    • It was in 1962 that the World Theatre Day was celebrated for the first time. March 27th, 1962 is the date of the opening season of the Théâtre des Nations in Paris

    • 31 march 2017

      European artistic professions days

    • It’s the 11th occasion of European artistic professions days. This year, they are going to be about : « savoir (-) faire du lien ».
    • 6 april 2017

      International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

    • International Day of Sport for Development and Peace is an opportunity to highlight the contribution of sport to the achievement of the Millennium regarding development.

      It also promotes the idea that sports help to ensure peace and development and also the contribution of sports to create a climate of tolerance and understanding.