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Who to contact in the press service as well as a list of the committee and the plenary press officers.

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Introduction to the MEPs with contact details.

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European diary

    • 24 october 2017

      United Nations Day

    • The UN Day commemorates the anniversary of the United Nations Charter, which started being applicable in October 24 1945. The ratification of this document by most of the signatory members, included those of the UN Security Council, constitutes the "birth certificate" of the United Nations.

    • 28 october 2017

      Czech Republic National Day

    • On their National Day, Czechs commemorate the independence of the Czechoslovak Republic vis-à-vis the Empire of Austria-Hungary obtained in 1918. Czechs and Slovaks created together Czechoslovakia, becoming independent on 28 October 1918. Then, during World War II, the country was under German domnation. In 1948, a Communist putsch led the country into isolation for 40 years before returning to democracy in 1989, during the "velvet revolution."
      On 1 January 1993, the Czech Republic split from Slovakia to create two independent states: the Czech Republic and Slovakia.