The former building of the Court of Human Rights

ancien dr de l'homme
Role :
Houses today, among others, the head office of EURIMAGES.

Architectural information :
Date built : 1965
Architects : B. Monnt, J. Apriell, Papillard

Contact :
Allée des Droits de l'Homme
67075 Strasbourg Cedex

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    • 5 september 2017

      International Day of Charity

    • The United Nations calls on its member states, specialized agencies, and other international and regional organizations, and civil society as well, to be part of the International Day of Charity, and to encourage charity by raising awareness through educational activities.
    • 10 september 2017

      World First Aid Day

    • Since 2000, a growing number of national offices of the Red Cross and Red Crescent take part every second Saturday of September in the World First Aid Day celebrations.